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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / How to make the simplest X file from this ?

User Banned
Posted: 11th Aug 2016 21:05
How to make the simplest X file from this ?

I have tried to make mesh from memblock, but DBP 1.055 has hidden bug and doing only black spaces between triangles. So that I have made a progam like 3DS to edit mu face. Here it is: . I saw (once) an editor of X file, X file had a tree structure. But, how to make my face from this?


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Derek Darkly
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Posted: 13th Aug 2016 00:43
I downloaded your file, but all your stuff is in a Russian font which I can't read.
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Posted: 13th Aug 2016 19:26
Quote: "user banned"

Well this might not be the most helpfull comment, sry, but the user is banned... I don't know why he is banned but i somehow fear the link isn't safe. Didn't check.

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