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iOS and MacOS / Tohanoi

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Joined: 26th Sep 2016
Posted: 26th Sep 2016 15:02
using namespace std;
void movedisks(int n,char a,char b,char c);
{​int ch,n;
​cout<<"\nConsidering source peg is A and destination peg is C\n";
​cout<<"And the top most disk is the smallest and is numbered as 1\n";
​{​cout<<"Enter choice : ";
​​​case 1 : cout<<"\nenter the number of disks : ";
​​​case 2 : exit(0);

void movedisks(int n , char a,char b, char c)
​​cout<<"\nMove disk "<<n<<" from peg "<<a<<" to peg "<<c<<endl;


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