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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Synergy IDE - 2016, Now that DBPRO is open source...

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Joined: 8th Jul 2007
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Posted: 16th Oct 2016 19:18
Personally, I never liked all of the changes between Editor and Editor New. Some were good, but the main thing that I didn't like was the web ad at the bottom. I also believe it had problems with changing the whole environment to dark like the original editor could do.

The point... Please streamline Synergy, fix style and color settings and do away with the scrolling ad at the bottom. Also would be nice if some of you experts out there could make sense of the commands. When trying to learn some of the more complex commands I would try the examples and most wouldn't work. I then go to the forum for answers and try those examples that did work until trying to make it fit my needs and then CRASH! I love DBPRO and hope it will get the love and attention it desperately needs to survive. I wish I could help but I cannot grasp the concept of C++, I have a huge library on languages and still get no where with any of it.

Thanks to the community for all your efforts!

Full time contractor -- Struggling programmer since 1985!
Many ideas and no completions yet! Hoping AppGameKit will solve that for me. Thanks TGC and members for your support.

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