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Geek Culture / feedback/input on home media site design

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Posted: 20th Oct 2016 19:06
This will eventually be on a closed network for home. I started this because I didn't care for Plex nor like the other options that were out there. I wanted something web-based so I can easily navigate media from my smart tv (samsung) and so MyFlix was born. My buddy suggested I put it up on github once I'm done.

Took quite a bit of tinkering to get the lightbox to work with the type of dynamic content like I wanted, but now I'm not sure if it's the best option from a navigational standpoint. What do you guys think? Leave it as it, where movie details are in a popup and you select episodes from there? Or load a full new page to allow for more space for content and episode layout?

You can click and drag the page and episode panel to scroll, like you would with a touch device. I may start incorporating this into all my sites, because I rather like it. May reason I did it for this site, and it was a requirement for me, was for the tv navigation. TV has no mouse, just a wii-like remote. Pointing at the top and bottom of the browser would scroll, but it's jittery and really sucks. This allows more fluid scrolling.

If you're curious, here's my upload page you can check out for adding new movies. I'm trying to keep it as simple as I can. Though chances are, one wouldn't be doing the majority of adding movies from a TV anyway. And don't worry, the script won't actually upload anything or update my database right now.

Still trying to build a scraper to help add movies more easily. Right now you have to type the name of the movie and look it up for details. My goal is for it to figure out the best guess for a movie based on its file name.

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Posted: 20th Oct 2016 23:59
Looks good, a text list view for episodes might be a good option if your remote has arrow buttons and for PC/laptop browser access

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