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Geek Culture / One mans trash is another mans... oh sweet!

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Posted: 14th Nov 2016 22:48 Edited at: 14th Nov 2016 22:55
My brother does construction, often at low income homes new buyers tend to flip. It's not unusual to find previous tenants crap still behind. It's usually just garbage as anything of value they already took before leaving (or evicted). Today my brother drops a box off, says he found me a gaming moutherboard. I'm like yea ok how old is this thing. So this is what I found, wrapped in the anti-static bag in the box.

GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z97X-Gaming 5

It's super clean, spotless, looks brand new. So I'm thinking oh cool, but then I spot it. There's a chip in it. No heatsink, just obscured with thermal paste. I take it out, clean it off. It's an i7-3770. Score!

I need to make a correction. The board in the box was not what was on the cover of the box It's a Biostar TZ77XE4

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Posted: 15th Nov 2016 23:06
But an i7-3770 still, right?
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Posted: 17th Nov 2016 14:01


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