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Newcomers DBPro Corner / need help creating enemies in my game

User Banned
Posted: 9th Feb 2017 16:33
does anyone know how to add enemies to my game all help is appreciated
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Posted: 9th Feb 2017 18:52
That's a bit too broad a question to easily answer, and depends greatly on what type of game you are making and what you want the enemies to do.

Break it down logically into a set of smaller tasks/steps that you think will be needed, then try asking for more specific help on anything that you get stuck on.

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User Banned
Posted: 10th Feb 2017 15:57
ok thanks
User Banned
Posted: 10th Feb 2017 16:08
this is my game
Derek Darkly
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Posted: 11th Feb 2017 14:59
There's nothing there...
Did you try to attach something? Be sure to hit the upload button after you choose the file.

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User Banned
Posted: 13th Feb 2017 15:59

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