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FPSC Classic Models and Media / FPSC Classic Assets for use in Game Guru

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Posted: 16th Feb 2017 20:49
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a link for those that use Game Guru and are interested in using assets from FPSC Classic. All assets in this resource have been approved for distribution for use in Game Guru by each individual artist. A great majority of my conversions have made their way to the official TGC Steam DLC release titled "Free Expansion Pack DLC". However there were many remaining items that didn't make it to the final build that you can pick up here:

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Posted: 17th Feb 2017 20:41 Edited at: 17th Feb 2017 20:44
Thank you for sharing this! I will take a look at it this weekend!


Here is the link clickable:
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Posted: 17th Feb 2017 21:35
Thank you, i'm going to check this out !

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