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Geek Culture / best rapid web developing ide

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Posted: 22nd Feb 2017 18:12
hello, i am searching for the best rapid web developing ide?

i like desktop developing for windows very much, but what i am looking for is something similar.
a gui tool that i can access from web via browser with ms sql database access and also just put into my webspace from isp.

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Seppuku Arts
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Posted: 22nd Feb 2017 21:03 Edited at: 22nd Feb 2017 21:03
Personally, I am in love with Cloud9 IDE. It is an IDE from your web browser, you don't have to pay to use, but there are some limitations if you don't, not in functionality, mind you.

You have can have a separate window that updates real time when altering CSS and HTML and will refresh if you update your JavaScript. It all runs within an Ubuntu virtual machine, which gives you full access to its console. There are multiple technologies you can use with it.

However, if you are looking at MS SQL, then you won't have access to it. But if you don't mind using PostGre for development, it will give you access to a PostGre SQL database. I believe it also supports SQLite.

I migrated my website over to it with a lot of ease, which was developed using Ruby On Rails like 2 years ago, but I recently moved my project to the Cloud9 service, as I am making fixes/improvements to it.

Other good IDE options are Komodo IDE (or Komodo Edit, if you don't want to pay money), Visual Studio Code (for stuff not included in Visual Studio). Though these are just IDE's that I find really convenient, so I don't know if they meet your requirement for rapid. You can integrate it quite easily with Github and you will have Git install on any virtual machines.

But if you are looking for an MS SQL Database, you could set yourself up with Microsoft Azure, if you're using ASP.NET and Visual Studio, it is really simple getting set up. Although at its core Azure is free, but its lowest level MS SQL database options require a monthly fee, but it's not expesnsive. (I think I paid about £4 a month?)

If you're only looking for something to only do frontend stuff with, so HTML, CSS (and variations of) and JavaScript (and numerous libraries of) then I am a big fan of, which updates in real time as you code. I found it helped me code front end stuff more quickly and was nice for practicing my CSS without the need to refresh.

But for Clodud9, this is what my work environment looks like:

You'll see looking at it, at the bottom I've got my console, which I've used to check my Git Status. A preview window and all my tabs to the left of it. I have flexibility in how I layout my windows and splitting tabs. On the right, you'll see a tab that says "Outline", I find this incredibly useful when doing something like JavaScript, because it just lists all of my functions. When coding in Angular, it'll even list out all of my controllers within a webpage and JS file (and represents my scopes, which is very useful for Angular).

Also, in being cloud based, it's convenient when if using multiple computers. You don't have to set up more than once, when using something like Ruby on Rails, as an example, it can save time. Also, as I've been working on a project for work too, it means I don't have to download any development tools on my work PC, particularly as it's not a coding job or even an IT one, but something I had an idea for, that people thought would be useful, so I've been coding it. Also makes demonstrating things nice, quick and easy. And when somebody says "maybe change this", I can do it with them watching and it'll update in the preview window in real time (or when I save, in the case of JS edits).

I hope that helps, or is something along the lines of what you're looking for, aside from the MS SQL.
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Posted: 24th Feb 2017 09:15 Edited at: 24th Feb 2017 11:48
@Seppuku Arts
thank you

Azure wake my interest but it seems a cost trap. i understand its a service and they need money for it.
i try to dissociate from ms products and monthly fees.
(ms sql is using from the company where i am working part-time.)

ASP.NET not wake my enthusiasm (no fun at development) and it need a IIS hosting & license.

ms powerapps is also interesting and some kind of rapid software development, but it is not a programming language, and have also monthly fees, and its half-baked yet.

SpiderBasic unfortunately not have a database modul yet and it is not object-orientated.

i will look into Cloud9.
they request my full credit card data at registering^^
no way.
AGK (Steam) V2017.01.09 : Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit : AMD (16.12.1) Radeon R7 265 : Mac mini OS Sierra (10.12.2)

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