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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] Fly The World! (Tentative Title - Beware - Programmer Art Enclosed!)

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Posted: 25th Feb 2017 20:20
WIth My Pet Zombie now available on iOS and Android, marking my 5th app released (4th game). I've decided I wanted to try something educational this time. I still wanted it to be a game and enjoyable, but serve a purpose. Enter - Fly the World! The objective is the game is simple, fly from Airport A to Airport B before running out of fuel and crashing a horrible-fiery-death (probably won't make it as gruesome as it sounds though - since it's for all ages). The player progresses through increasingly harder levels (with limited fuel) to navigate the globe. What's that you say? You have no idea how to fly from New York to Narsarsuaq or N'Djamena, better bust out those maps, or crash and burn somewhere over the ocean! You earn a star ranking depending on how much fuel you are left with at the end of your journey! (Straight Lines always give you the best star rating)

Here are some screenshots so far; I must warn you, it's a lot of programmer art right now.

Robert Janes (Samu Games)

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