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FPSC Classic Showcase / (x9) AZTEC Goldeneye 007 level video showcase

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Posted: 16th Mar 2017 02:49 Edited at: 21st Mar 2017 22:02
No DL to game, it needs work. if you guys want it, post "Want", when posting here in the forum post.

I dunno.. o: Anyway. This is a remake of the Aztec level from GoldenEye 007. The most famous fps game~ but not as awesome as Perfect Dark!~ CX Anyway, this is just a video for some people to enjoy. Yes, I know, i don't have custom noises, huds, textures, or other custom things. I do not go very custom when motivation is lacking deeply. I can still create a level and show it off... but.. eh. going custom like.. Using different sounds, different textures, different huds, and more details in level design, ..and more custom etc..

I did use a script and music.. that's a plus.. and AI has custom settings, lol.

Although, aside from the topic of going custom when using your game engineering skills, this post is here because, I like to show people on the forums my level design. I can go bigger and add more entities, but i am only remaking a simple GolenEye map. And I am not as good as the creator here -

Anyway, tell me what you guys think of the map. It's not all the way remade, only the temple part is made.

Regen script forum (cannot find), but script is by DavidPengelly

- Cloid
I am traditional artist and a indie game developer. I also socialize on Discord and Skype.

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