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AppGameKit Showcase / NEW PC Game - Arcomage

U. N. Owen
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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Location: DFW Area
Posted: 20th Mar 2017 02:19
Arcomage Card and Tower building game based on the old Arcomage tavern game in the later Might And Magic games by 3DO.

Has been played all the way through in Alpha Testing and I'm now looking for people to play test and bug hunt. Please refer to the Changelog.txt file for more information.

Lots of media so I had to upload in four files: - Main Folder, executable, folder structure, and some media files. - Unzip into Arcomage Folder. - Unzip into media\image Folder. Unzip into media Folder.

Please leave feedback either here or


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U. N. Owen
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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Location: DFW Area
Posted: 21st Mar 2017 00:57
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Joined: 8th Dec 2005
Location: steam
Posted: 21st Mar 2017 21:00
i found it quite hard to actually deal damage to the enemy wall to then let me do damage to the enemy tower as wall damaging cards do quite low damage compared to +wall cards... easier to just keep doing direct tower damage (in fact i never once managed to kill the enemy tower - just won by collecting resources or reaching the tower limit which seems to be much easier)
there was 1 blue card that doesnt say "extra turn" but did actually add a turn - sorry i didn't catch the name.
overall a nice game
life\'s one big game
spec= 2.6ghz, 1gb ram, 512mb gpu, directx 9.0c, dbpro and classic
U. N. Owen
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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Location: DFW Area
Posted: 22nd Mar 2017 02:11
Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, in the "Celeste" game it's nearly impossible to destroy the enemy's tower. You need a high Beast count and lots of Green cards. Once I add the rest of the cities, in some you start with a much lower tower and/or wall.

Thanks for the "extra turn" bug find. I think I've experienced it myself too.
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Joined: 24th Feb 2003
Location: UK
Posted: 22nd Mar 2017 14:01
You got a video clip of the game running? Don't always get time to load up stuff.
The Amiga and Amos were great!
U. N. Owen
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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Location: DFW Area
Posted: 22nd Mar 2017 21:39
Nope, sorry.

But then I just wrote it for my own amusement. I don't plan on selling this game when it's done and I'm releasing the source code as well.
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Joined: 24th Oct 2013
Posted: 24th Mar 2017 06:20
Would love to see how you bring in the Arcomage Card Deck csv. Not something ive really done, but would be so handy for projects im working on.
U. N. Owen
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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Location: DFW Area
Posted: 24th Mar 2017 18:11
Like this.

If I had to do it again, I'd probably make the delimiter a Pipe "|" instead of a comma so I could have commas in the description text.

Come to think of it, I might redo it that way anyway.

// Load Card Deck
stringvalue# as string
OpenToRead(1, "CardLoader\Arcomage Card Deck.csv")

// Load Card Data and Face Images
for x = 1 to 87
stringvalue# = ReadLine ( 1 )

g_CardData[x].id = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 1))
g_CardData[x].name = GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 2)
g_CardData[x].value = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 3))
g_CardData[x].ResourceType = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 4))
g_CardData[x].picture = GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 5)
g_CardData[x].requirements = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 6))
g_CardData[x].ExtraProcessing = GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 7)
g_CardData[x].AdditionalTurn = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 8))
g_CardData[x].DiscardCard = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 9))
g_CardData[x].HeroDamage = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 10))
g_CardData[x].VillainDamage = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 11))
g_CardData[x].HeroModBricks = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 12))
g_CardData[x].HeroModGems = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 13))
g_CardData[x].HeroModBeasts = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 14))
g_CardData[x].VillainModBricks = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 15))
g_CardData[x].VillainModGems = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 16))
g_CardData[x].VillainModBeasts = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 17))
g_CardData[x].HeroBricks = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 18))
g_CardData[x].HeroGems = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 19))
g_CardData[x].HeroBeasts = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 20))
g_CardData[x].HeroTower = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 21))
g_CardData[x].HeroWall = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 22))
g_CardData[x].VillainBricks = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 23))
g_CardData[x].VillainGems = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 24))
g_CardData[x].VillainBeasts = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 25))
g_CardData[x].VillainTower = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 26))
g_CardData[x].VillainWall = ValFloat(GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 27))
g_CardData[x].description1 = GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 28)
g_CardData[x].description2 = GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 29)
g_CardData[x].description3 = GetStringToken(stringvalue#, ",", 30)

LoadImage(x, "image\card\" + g_CardData[x].picture)
next x

CloseFile ( 1 )
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Joined: 24th Oct 2013
Posted: 27th Mar 2017 03:32
Ah very straight forward, thanks for that!

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