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Windows / [BUG] SetObjectShapeStaticPolygon makes Windows 10 crashes on 2017.05.15 release.

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Posted: 18th May 2017 21:52
My app PinballMaker crashes when creating elements on pinball table using the SetObjectShapeStaticPolygon() command (PinballMaker.exe stopped working). I had to replace temporarily the command with SetObjectShapeConvexHull. On Android it works fine.
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Posted: 21st May 2017 14:20
Create and post a runnable code example to show the possible bug.
It may be an error in your code.
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Posted: 21st May 2017 21:18
This also started happening for me from this version. I changed it to a different shape (box I think) and then forgot to post it as a bug.

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