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Code Snippets / [DBP] - fast string concatenation (functions attached]

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Posted: 9th Jun 2017 11:55 Edited at: 22nd Sep 2017 19:11
Here are 3 functions that will allow you to concatenate large strings quickly in DBPro:

+ Code Snippet

+ Code Snippet

+ Code Snippet

Do with it what you will, improve on it, comment on it, anything you wish.

Uses Matrix1 and Styx Plugins.

I'll post some example usage shortly, at work at the moment so doing this quickly.

[update-here is a small usage example code only. If you run it with the functions included it will also generate a text file. Open it up with wordpad (as it's faster than notepad) and do a search on "took" without the double quotes. On my Pc using the new concat strings functions took 6 secs and about 44 secs to do the same the with normal string concatenation. I will be improving the code when I get some more time. ]

+ Code Snippet
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