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Android / [basic] settings for Android

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Joined: 7th Jun 2017
Posted: 19th Jun 2017 12:36
Does anyone know how to set my game up to exactly fit the Android tablets resolution, with no border? Also - is there any other basic settings that would make my game more tablet friendly? I guess it should have no exit button, since the player can exit the app via the Android OS. SetSyncRate( 30, 0 ) may be a good idea, I think.

I couldn't get that fancy broadcasting function to work, but I successfully sideloaded my .apk file. Alas, it was way slow. So I need to see if I can get my code cleaned up. Otherwise I'll have to abandon the project. Is there a way of slowing down the .exe version of my game, or do I need to sideload to Android to test speed?
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Joined: 7th Jun 2017
Posted: 20th Jun 2017 19:57 Edited at: 21st Jun 2017 11:10
Aw, dammit now my Android tablet won't accept my .apk file for unknown reasons ...

EDIT: The .apk file works now! I suspect the SD card had some fault.
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Joined: 8th Dec 2014
Location: Tyumen, Russia
Posted: 2nd Jul 2017 23:45
//Automatic height
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Joined: 20th Jul 2017
Posted: 20th Jul 2017 16:51
I'm also looking as to compile a game that I have made on gameguru to play on Android, in the event that you already have the solution on how to do could help me

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