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Geek Culture / Use 'Phoenix Down' on the monthly '3D Competition'?

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Joined: 18th Jan 2009
Location: Paradox
Posted: 3rd Aug 2017 17:06
The title says it all, would anyone be interested in me reviving the monthly 3D competition? We still have the badges available for winners, and past compos were always lots of fun for participants and making people get creative with the themes.

Ya or Nay? If enough people are interested, I'll get one up tonight or tomorrow.

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Joined: 21st Nov 2007
Location: Austin, TX
Posted: 4th Aug 2017 05:17
3D board has been dead for years , most of the 3D artists have moved on from these forums, and the last few attempts at this didn't really take off, so I am guessing you will not get much response on this

Having earned those badges a number of times previously, I'd like to say I'll give it a go... but honestly I often spread myself too thin as it is and can't honestly say that I'd finish an entry

What sort of theme did you have in mind?

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Joined: 16th Apr 2003
Location: Metropia
Posted: 4th Aug 2017 20:33
I'd give it a shot. Hey, how about a motherboard?

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Joined: 9th Nov 2009
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Posted: 5th Aug 2017 02:12 Edited at: 5th Aug 2017 02:13
Never participated one, lol. But, if enough free time, I might give it a shot. Speaking of (gun) shots, here's a bullet impact I made in zbrush just now...took me like a half an hour, I think. Made it to create a bullet hole decal for my game 'Crystals Of Theia' in Unreal Engine. Still have to render normal, height and other maps, and then also texture it. Will be fun !

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Joined: 18th Aug 2004
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Posted: 8th Aug 2017 23:37
I enjoyed doing them and am sad how quiet the 3D board is these days, but I guess most moved on. Myself included, annoyingly. However, there is potential for me doing more 3D again, I have been playing with my game ideas lately and may end up doing something with them, just need to work out a speedy workflow and art style that is quick and easy for me to do. I was looking at my workflow today and may be able to get something that works. I did boot up Silo 3D a few weeks ago and made this abomination. One could say that I am very rusty. So the practice may be good, but at the same time, dunno if I could commit to participating, as I may end up focusing on other things.

But if one's up, and I can put aside some time, then yet I am willing.

Sadly, I figure Ortu may be right. I don't think there's a lot of 3D artists about anymore?
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Joined: 18th Oct 2007
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Posted: 3rd Sep 2017 07:27
I'd join.
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