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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Bad Robots - simulated aged retro game manual

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Posted: 7th Aug 2017 10:52 Edited at: 7th Aug 2017 11:24
I was so happy with how this experiment turned out I thought id post it here in case other want to know how it was done. The goal was to create the visual look of the old Atari game manuals that are poorly scanned in and made into PDF's. Like you see over at

This is a page from a manual of a game "bad robots" I'll be releasing soon (first AppGameKit game Woo!). The plan is to include a digital manual with the game as a separate .exe, anyone know of any 'page turning' code I can use to make it look nice?

Suggestions & Critic welcome.

Original: google docs

1. printed B&W
2. gently rough up the paper, sit on it, press your fist into it when on soft carpet
3. scanned in (low DPI)
4. reduced colours with dithering > added noise > adjusted brightness\contrast > added blank photo copy page image as overlay (Paint shop pro)
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Posted: 8th Aug 2017 02:37
Not bad at all! You should make the whole game look like that, it'll make it very unique.

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