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Windows / VS2013 build with latest AGK

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Joined: 28th Oct 2011
Posted: 17th Aug 2017 12:13
Hi All,

Have hit a wall with one of our projects that was being built on vs2013 - because some of the other legacy libraries we were using for that project are are still stuck on that edition.
We have been working with integrating a 3D gesture tracking system for our AppGameKit projects.

With the recent builds of AppGameKit removing the 2013 template - and hence also the 2013 library - we are now no longer able to built that project and keep it in sync with the latest AppGameKit features.
So the question is - IS there any way still to obtain a VS2013 compatible build of AGKWindows.lib for the latest AppGameKit builds.

Would be very greatful from any thoughts of ideas - kinda left stuck with this one.


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