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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Empire - strategy game

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Joined: 12th Jan 2017
Posted: 5th Sep 2017 13:13 Edited at: 5th Sep 2017 16:22

i am working on this game since some time. It is a remake from an old Amiga game - "Empire - Game of the C[video=mp4][/video]entury". As i loved this game i decided to try to make my own version. I started about January 2016 with very little programming knowledge. I coded once a little bit, but this was ages ago. i used the the Watcom compiler and DOS4GW. When I stumbled upon AppGameKit I was amazed how easy things became. I started with Tier 1 but quickly realized that I have to use Tier 2 if I want to get to my results.
The work I done so far is the effort of few months. I can't spend much time on the game due to my professional obligations, so I learned and coded in average about 10h a week. I learned a lot during this time. Most of the graphics are mine, some has been used from AppGameKit DLC.
Whole project has been written in Tier 2, VC2017 32 bit. I tried to port it to 64bit but I get strange results - some graphics are missing, some are displayed only partially. A port to Mac with XCode also works fine except some Windows-only parts like reading and writing files, so i assume I will be able to release also a Mac version.

About the game: it is a strategy game. Your task is to conquer the world. You can build different units in the cities like ships, planes or armies. With armies You can conquer further cities. You can build transport ships that take up to 6 armies or carriers with up to 8 planes. The building and fighting is pretty straight forward, more complex rules will be added in the advanced version, hopefully soon. There is also a short tutorial, but the game is really easy to play.
- Up to 7 players (hot seat or network) with or without AI
- Up to 100000 units per player
- Up to 4000x4000 map size
- Built-in map editor
- English, German and Polish language version, more to come soon
- Basic SteamSDK integration, soon more (achievments, network play, etc).
Requirements are quite low, basically it will run on any Windows from XP and above with at least 2GB RAM and any video board with probably 512MB VRAM (or shared memory).

The game needs still a lot of polishing, but I am quite positive about releasing it soon to Steam. I presented it already in June and got an OK on Greenlight.

Issues: I have huge problem with Radeon boards. There seems to be some incompatibility between AppGameKit and ATI drivers when allocating memory, which results in errors like "Ran out of GPU memory".

You can see actual gameplay on YT:

You can download the game here:

Only limitation compared to full version is the limit of 100 units per player.

I will be very thankful for any comments.


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Posted: 6th Sep 2017 13:31
Omg, we played Empire to death! Loved it!
Running Windows 7 Home, 64 bit, 8 GB ram, Athlon II X2 255, ATI Radeon HD 4200. Using AGK2 Tier 1.
Rich Dersheimer
AGK Developer
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Posted: 11th Sep 2017 22:57
I must have played a bazillion hours of Empire and Empire Deluxe on the PC. I will be watching your progress, good luck!

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