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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / OGG Player -- [Code Example]

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Posted: 27th Sep 2017 04:12
Here is an OGG Player -- Code Example that I whipped up by modifying the code example I posted for an MP3 Player.

I thought I would share this in case anyone wanted to add music selection as an option for their users in a project.

I had trouble uploading the MP3 Player -- Code Example, because my ZIP file was large due to the 7 MP3 files I included in it.

So, for this OGG Example, I decided to only include 1 OGG file for a single default song.

Therefore you will have to select 6 OGG files of your own for the playlist when you start the program.

Otherwise the default song will be used to fill any empty slots resulting from a cancel when selecting your tracks.

This is not anything fancy or really clean code or anything, I just wanted to share it for any new comers that might be interested.

Have Fun! ... (see attached ZIP)

Coding things my way since 1981 -- Currently using AppGameKit V2 Tier 1


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