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Geek Culture / How do I overcome the driver conflict?

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Joined: 28th Sep 2017
Posted: 28th Sep 2017 05:21
My computer is still working well and has not found any errors. However, when I open the Device Manager window, I see an yellow exclamation point in the name of one or more devices. This is a driver conflict, or wrong driver, but not dangerous to the machine does not get into Windows. This is often the case when I force drivers from other operating system versions, or drivers of similar devices from a manufacturer. Or the new version of Windows is no longer compatible with the driver you are using as mentioned above. At that time, there may appear a blue "dead" message screen containing white text
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Posted: 28th Sep 2017 23:14
The only way to resolve an incompatible driver is to replace it with a compatible one... basically don't force drivers from another OS or device.

In some cases, an alternate driver may get your device working, but it's definitely unsupported and may well cause conflicts and issues.

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