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FPSC Classic Scripts / Demo images of using cinematichands in a game

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Posted: 29th Sep 2017 01:58
The syntax for the this feature is as follows: GETCINEMATICHANDS=GunName GunFolder
Description: This sets the player’s weapon by defining the gun name and the
folder in which the gun exists. A placeholder entity must exist within the level for
this command to work. The place holder entity must be dynamic and must not
spawn at the start of the level.
Range: GunName = the name of the gun,
GunFolder = the file path to the gun from the generic guns folder.
Example: :state=1:getcinematichands=colt45 ww2\colt45 STARTCINEMATICHANDS=X Y
Description: This plays the play’s hand animation X and loops it Y times.
Range: X = 1 – start cinematic hands.
Y = >1 – number of times to loop cinematic hands.
Example: :state=1:startcinematichands=1 3 DISABLECINEMATICHANDSBUTTON=X
Description: This sets whether the blocking button can be used or not.
Range: X = 0 – blocking button is enabled,
X = 1 – blocking button is disabled.
Example: :state=1:disablecinematichandsbutton=1

The action command getcinematichands=GunName GunFolder is similar to GIVEPLRWEAPON=X with one big difference. First, you have to have the object that the player will be holding within the map and it must have the same name as "GunName". The "GunFolder" is the same as place holder "X" in the "giveplrweapon" command. Also you need to disable the RMB or the blocking mouse key because in order to use the object the player is holding you will need to press the RMB. When it's all set up and the player presses the RMB it will execute the cinematic hand movement.

The attached images show the player holding a beer bottle. This is the cinematic hand object. You will notice the message on bottom of screen let's the player know to press RMB. The second image shows the player taking a drink and the third shows the bottle coming back to the holding position. This was the first test model created. I can't remember who created it but he had great plans to make a whole pack of different "cinematic hands." Unfortunately Lee had different ideas and his whole project was scrapped. Although Lee decided to keep the commands in FPSC because they still can be used.

I am going to try and find the video of this to show the animation. It worked quite well. You can see that you can provide a loop for the animation. The animation can be as simple or as complex as one would like.
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Posted: 29th Sep 2017 04:35 Edited at: 29th Sep 2017 04:39
It seems I saw that video in another life, but if you can find it I'd like to see it again. Could you show the script that executed this cinematichands?
Quote: "great plans to make a whole pack"

Were there any more made?
I can see where this could make a much more interactive game. Just imagine a game where the player has to do things besides shoot. It's crazy, I know, but... there. I said it.

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Posted: 29th Sep 2017 09:07
@Flatlander Rick doesn't like seeing you drink

And thanks for the explanation. Btw hope you get the source code of BlackIceMod soon, I have a ton of features that I have in mind that I cannot integrate, but you possibly could, that I would like to suggest you. Have a nice day!
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Posted: 29th Sep 2017 11:35
FlatLander Very nice, yes would love to see the video. I think it's time to play with this
some more again to see what could be done?

Quote: " imagine a game where the player has to do things besides shoot"

"That's Inconceivable! "
My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..
Lots and lots of random features...

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