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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / AGK Community edition vs AGK - what's the difference?

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Joined: 27th Feb 2013
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Posted: 15th Oct 2017 20:23
What is the difference between AppGameKit and "AGK Community Edition"?

My last purchase was AGK2 (product name AppGameKit on 01/05/2016) which I have not had an opportunity to use for long while.
Now I want to update it but I'm unsure which to download, community vs non-community.

The IDE "About box" shows v 2.0.16. (2015/12/12 build date).

What should I update to?
What do I need to do to support steam?

In case it matters, I'll be running it on Windows 10. Anything I should know?

Thank you very much.

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Joined: 12th Sep 2011
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Posted: 15th Oct 2017 23:19
Community Editions usually means free and some functionality is disabled. So you go for the full version - which currently is AGK2 2017.09.25

Don't know how AGK2 works on Steam download - I assume like any other piece of software you buy there - you get the latest version when downloading, and it'll upgrade automatically unless you disable upgrades for it.

Me, I download directly from The Game Creators website - and usually a few weeks after release of new version so as to let the bugs settle first. I am not sure if that option is available to those that bought AppGameKit from Steam though. Which I did not.
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Posted: 17th Oct 2017 10:28
"Community Edition" is V1. You will see that the version numbers end at 108.24.
AppGameKit will be (I think) V2. I have "AGK V2 - Kickstarter Pledgers", so I can't say for sure.
As Dybing says, you should see 2017.09.25 in that section.
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