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Windows / Game Guru AGK loader does not create all files, like map.ent

Leo Rela
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Joined: 29th Apr 2016
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Posted: 17th Oct 2017 19:19
First time I used GGLoader with AppGameKit on last June just after i bought the Loader it worked fine during initial tests. But now, for some reason it does not work anymore. When I pick some GG example maps like Cartoon Antics and then perform the conversion everything seems to be OK in GGLoader side.

However, when I run the project in AppGameKit it prints "Failed: gameguru/map.ent". And after pressing mouse button I found myself in a world having only cloudy sky and large black rectangle which is probably "placeholder" for the map. And there is no map.ent file, media\gameguru dir is empty

I'm using current versions of GG ang AppGameKit, not betas and having following settings in GGLoader:
GG root\Files folder:
G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Game Guru\Files\

GG Tmp:

G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Game Guru\Files\mapbank\Cartoon Antics.fpm

GGLoader folder:

GGLoader temp folder (AppData)

It just looks like map.ent file is missing whatever I try - different maps etc. G:\gg\ggloader\media\gameguru directory is empty, there is no map.ent. GG forum actually had a another thread about similar problem where root cause was not to use proper GG root\Files dir but this is not about it.

Am I doing something wrong or what is this? Probably not a bug because can't see no one else complaining about
AGK Studio Developer
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Joined: 30th Jun 2004
Posted: 28th Oct 2017 12:56
This was solved here:

If anyone else get a similar problem.
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best regards Preben Eriksen,

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