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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] Ludum Dare 40 Submission: Saving Spider Ryan

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Posted: 5th Dec 2017 05:13
While, we never had time to complete the game in 72 hours... as we had to ditch the 2D Skeletons because of the 2D depth bug when importing Spriter Pro skeletons and re-do everything with sprite sheets... still, we screeched across the Ludum Dare 40 deadline with a playable prototype with just 30 seconds to spare.

Sadly, we had to not include a lot of features that would have made things more fun (like balancing, lol)... an introduction... a tutorial on playing... or putting in all the scenery and objects.
The goal is to pick up your pet spider, Ryan, from the horde of spiders (the theme was the more you have the worse it gets and it certainly gets worse).

WASD moves the character, and you pick up spiders by pressing SPACE when near them. But, if you're too close, you'll squish them. Don't squish Ryan!

We will likely finish this game outside of LD Dare, because the artist had so much lovely work done that just didn't get included because of time constraints.

~~ LillyByte ~~

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