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Work in Progress / Digittack - Sharp Wondertopia-based game

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Joined: 6th Dec 2017
Posted: 6th Dec 2017 18:46
Hi all

I figured that a nice and easy way to learn AppGameKit was to put together a simple game based upon one of the old Sharp Wondertopia calculator games that I have. So I created 'Digittack', which gave me the opportunity to learn AppGameKit Basic, using a decent number of features - sprites, tweens, sound, music, input, animations, text, etc. It's pretty simple, and sometimes that's the best way to become familiar with all of the features!

Digittack is a shooter. Digits will appear on screen, and you have to destroy them before they reach critical mass. Controls are simple, move left/right and fire.

It's available on GameJolt, link below. For now it's just an HTML5 game, but will add a few more features for an Android, PC, and Linux versions.


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Chris Tate
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Joined: 29th Aug 2008
Location: London, England
Posted: 6th Dec 2017 23:18
I played it and left my rating. You might want to post this in the AppGameKit Showcase board, you will get lots of priceless feedback from AppGameKit veterans over there.

I commend you for making a game that is actually fun to play from a learning session.
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Joined: 6th Dec 2017
Posted: 7th Dec 2017 07:12
Thanks Chris, appreciate that you found it fun. For now, I'm still thinking about adding a few features, so will just keep to this thread until I'm a bit more settled on when to call it 'final'.

Have been thinking about adding some different modes, e.g. make the player invisible, make the enemies flip between visible and invisible. Just a few more things to make it a more interesting game in itself.

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