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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Released my first Android game on Play Store - Digittack

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Joined: 6th Dec 2017
Posted: 18th Dec 2017 07:22
Hi everyone.

I posted this a few weeks ago in the WIP forum (and I hope posting this in this forum isn't bad etiquette), but I've taken the plunge and decided that it is in a good state and can be released. So my first Android game on the Play Store is Digittack. You can get it at the Play Store here, free with no ads:

This is a game based upon the old Sharp Wondertopia handheld calculator game (WN-102). I still have one of these in working condition, but time to give it a bit of modernisation by building it with App Game Kit. It was also a project that I've used to learn about AppGameKit, its many features and how to use them.

About the game:
Multiple digits will appear on screen, and increase in value until they reach critical mass. Shoot them before it's too late, and watch out for the squares! Be careful not to miss - just 3 misses will result in a lost life. You have 3 lives per level.
There are 9 levels, each with increasing speed and difficulty.
When it's game over, Start will begin a new game within two levels of the level you reached, or Start Over to begin anew.

It's also available as HTML5 and on PC (Windows and Linux64 at the moment) at GameJolt here:

I intend to add a few more features over time. Hope some of you give it a try and enjoy it.
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Joined: 3rd Feb 2017
Posted: 20th Dec 2017 08:04
I liked the clean design of the game! Post a video if possible too!


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