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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Galaforce Reinvasion

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Posted: 18th Dec 2017 16:50

Galaforce Reinvasion, coded using AppGameKit, has now been released for iOS and Android (with the Reinvasion mission already included in the PC Windows version).

Main features:
* Multiple worlds and zones of varied alien formations.
* 24 different alien types plus 4 power-aliens, and homing missiles.
* Superb atmospheric music by two talented composers.
* New auto-fire feature - allowing concentration on the spaceship's movement.
* New achievements and 3-star award features: can you achieve a 3-star rating for completing all of the worlds?
* Pickups: power cannons, double cannons, quad cannons, shields, bomb disarmers, smart bombs and new energy boosts.

Galaforce began as a BBC Micro and Acorn Electron game by Kevin Edwards. This was followed by Galaforce 2 also from Kevin Edwards for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron. New worlds, missions and features have been added to produce Galaforce Reinvasion for iOS, Android and PC Windows.
Richard Hanson,

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