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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP] - Vortex Supremacy

User Banned
Posted: 18th Dec 2017 18:50

After many weeks of twiddling thumbs, making my head hurt, having brain farts, i think i might have come up with an idea

Here is a sample (attached im afraid)

The idea is to move your player around the vortex layer, changing colours to the final colour - then it will fade, once all the blocks have faded, you drop to a lower vortex phase and repeat

This is only the beginning, so please dont think this will be it.

There will be

- enemies to stop your path which change the landings back to their original starting color, so you have to go back and make the landing fade out of existance

- Objects to collect to help your way

- Time Challenges

- Bigger vortexes

Shall keep going

The video should give you an idea


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User Banned
Posted: 18th Dec 2017 22:37 Edited at: 18th Dec 2017 22:39
An interesting idea is while your player object is floating down to the next vortex phase, you can see the blocks have a coloured *path* of which you need to remember and aim your player onto the starting posiion

Once on the starting point, go round the layer (in order of the path that once was showing you when floating down to it), visit each landing space correctly in order of that path to be able to exit to the next layer..

Bit like a memory game

mmmm Interesting....

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