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AppGameKit Showcase / [WIP] My Scene Editor for Mac

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Joined: 2nd Feb 2016
Location: Nebraska, USA
Posted: 18th Dec 2017 19:53
Here's a couple screenshots of a scene editor I have been developing off and on for several months. First screen is the main project screen, the second one is the scene editor with some random sprites on it.


-layer support
-multiple scenes
-a tile mode that acts like a traditional tile map editor, can also just drag and drop images in "free hand" mode.
-move/resize images
-text object support
-snap to grid

Currently Lacks:
-multiple resolution support (ala Visual Editor)
-image rotation
-support for other built-in AppGameKit GUI objects like joystick and buttons.
-tile set support

Currently for Mac only. Its written in Xojo, which if you have never heard of it, is a cross platform development tool. I could compile it for Windows and/or Linux but some of the controls on it are Mac specific and I would need to replace them with something cross platform. Plus, I only have a build license for Mac.

Still need to write the AppGameKit Tier1 code to load and display the scenes. Data format is a pseudo XML type file.



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Mark Oxley
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Joined: 24th Dec 2017
Posted: 23rd Jan 2018 21:31
Look promising. Although will be it be a replacement for the Visual Editor?

Good to find a fellow Xojo user too.
Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Joined: 20th Feb 2006
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Posted: 24th Jan 2018 11:26
Looks nice
But i dont have a mac
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Joined: 2nd Feb 2016
Location: Nebraska, USA
Posted: 24th Jan 2018 15:28
Its not an official replacement for the Visual Editor and it depends on what you need it for if it can replace it. If you need multiple resolution support and image rotation, then Visual Editor is probably better.

Visual Editor has a a major flaw, at least to me, anyway. It eats a huge amount of CPU cycles on OS X which is a deal breaker for me. Can't run it on a laptop for long periods of time.

I have completed the Tier 1 code and it is able to display maps created by the scene editor.

Another advantage over Visual Editor is that it only copies the images it uses into the media folder. The bad part is that this requires you to save the project and then export it to AppGameKit, so it adds additional steps.

If the project window looks kinda familiar to Xojo users, its because I based it on an older version of the Xojo IDE.

Still lots of tweaking and bug fixing to do, but its pretty much feature complete for now and is working.

Here's a couple of updated screenshots.


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Joined: 3rd Feb 2017
Posted: 25th Jan 2018 07:16
Looks very clean and interesting.

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