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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Strange lines with my drawing program.

Hubert BAYRE
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Joined: 21st Oct 2017
Location: France
Posted: 25th Dec 2017 08:16 Edited at: 25th Dec 2017 08:19

I've a strange bug with my drawing program. See the attached file to see the problem. Some white lines...

My config : 1600x900 px, windows 7, amd radeon 7400 serie 1Go DDR2 . i've updated the radeon video driver and directX.

Note, if i move the agk windows on the Win7 deskstop, the problem occur at the same location, seems to be after the Y vertical center ?

I post also an extract of my code (line 237) . Thanks fo you help.


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Joined: 12th Nov 2017
Playing: L2j
Posted: 27th Dec 2017 22:21
Which are the SetWindowSize/SetVirtualResolution and SetDisplayAspect values? Just to have more background about the problem.
Hubert BAYRE
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Joined: 21st Oct 2017
Location: France
Posted: 28th Dec 2017 04:39

This is a very strange bug !
At home, i've only the bug on this computer.
Perhaps 1 Go on the graphics card is the limitation ? (i've 4Go ddr2 on the mother board)
Is there another method to code the same thing ? Perhaps directly with memblocks ? then thanks to post an sample code.
Hubert BAYRE
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Joined: 21st Oct 2017
Location: France
Posted: 29th Dec 2017 19:04
- If a replace the DrawEllipse command by DrawBox i've not these stranges lines !

- i've also tried to use two render images (divide the y screen by two). On EACH rendered images, exactly after the y middle height i've the same bug !

- Is there an alternative to draw manually a filled circle on a RenderImage without using the DrawEllipse command ? With an png image file as a brush ?
AGK Developer
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Joined: 16th Sep 2015
Location: US
Posted: 8th Jan 2018 21:06 Edited at: 8th Jan 2018 21:08
I tried DrawEllipse in a manner similar to what you have and did not experience the lines.
The code you posted doesn't compile (missing a few constants) and is missing some resource files.
Are you able to duplicate the bug with a smaller, more scaled down program that you could post here for others to try?

Actually, I see that you render "jeu_dessiner.png" over the entire window. Have you checked to see whether those lines are in your PNG?
Would you attach jeu_dessiner.png so I can test with it? (The WAV file shouldn't be needed)

EDIT: Hmm, but you said DrawBox doesn't have those lines, so I think that eliminates the "lines on the PNG" idea, but would you post the image anyway?
Hubert BAYRE
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Joined: 21st Oct 2017
Location: France
Posted: 10th Jan 2018 09:18
Today i use my own DrawEllipse function :
I've only the problem with this computer, so perhaps just a bug with the video driver, not Agk.
Despite this, many thanks for your reply.

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