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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Somnus - Dream Walker [Android]

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Joined: 27th Oct 2004
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Posted: 27th Dec 2017 00:28 Edited at: 27th Dec 2017 00:31
Just launched my most recent game, available on the Google Play Store:

Tap to jump. Find your way out of each level.

It is a platformer/puzzle game with increasingly tricky levels requiring thought and timing. You get the first 10 levels for free, with the next 10 levels available via a small in-app purchase.
I have tried to make the game as easy as possible to play so you really do just need to tap anywhere on the screen to make the character jump. Give it a try and you will quickly get the idea.

Thanks in advance for trying it out.

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Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Posted: 27th Dec 2017 04:41
Not my type of game but very cool concept and design ....
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Joined: 3rd Feb 2017
Posted: 27th Dec 2017 11:07
Looks nice Zappo! I liked the portal concept! Congrats! How long did you take to develop?
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Posted: 27th Dec 2017 19:12
Thank you both.

I had the idea for the game probably a couple of years ago now but didn't start actually creating anything until the start of October. So the whole thing was created in about 3 months. This includes the design, 3D models & animation, coding and music - alongside my full-time job. The joy of a rapid development system like AppGameKit!

It is all done in T1 with no additional plugins or shaders. I had to wait for the newest version of AppGameKit to fix an issue with shadows but it all works well now, even on low end Android phones. It's my first foray into in-app purchases too which was much easier than I expected.

Chart data provided with kind permission from ELSPA
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Posted: 21st Feb 2018 11:47
Is it work together with mobile recorder on Android?
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Posted: 22nd Feb 2018 15:36 Edited at: 22nd Feb 2018 15:38
Hi Zappo, well done on the release. I downloaded the game and played a few levels. One thing that is annoying is you cannot quickly turn around. I found that very frustrating, so adding a reverse of direction button would make it more playable.

Please submit the game to the AppGameKit Showcase when you get time.
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