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AppGameKit Showcase / [AGK] Responsive Template

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Joined: 12th Nov 2017
Location: Spain
Posted: 6th Jan 2018 05:11 Edited at: 8th Jan 2018 14:24
Hello I'm doing an adaptive template, I'll be updating this post.

Maybe it can helps anyone to start his own applications in AppGameKit

Initial template
Slider left menu
Slider buttons
Basic Input controller
Added raphaƫl icon-set
List View; an orderer list of images , title and summary, click photo for detail
Grid View; a grid of images and titles , orderer by date desc
Page View; a detailed page with image, date, text and video link if available

Touch scroll events
Back button
Share button
Bottom menu
Tag filters
Play Video
A couple of skins
Retrieve data from Json
Tween effects

Preview code:
+ Code Snippet

Attached the full project
Any feedback always is welcome


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