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Android / Did someone get an APK running on OUYA?

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Posted: 21st Jan 2018 19:17 Edited at: 21st Jan 2018 19:50
Hello AppGameKit developers,

I wanted to test today an very easy APK, it runs on a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, about 3 to 4 Gflops with its Mali-GPU, the OUYA about 12 Gflops with its TEGRA 3 chip. But the APKs don't run. They terminate at start without any screen showing. But with the Android-Message, that the App was closed.

I am using:

- Develop ...
- Upload

And on the PC am Uploading the APK via the Browser, like I would do on the Razer ForgeTV. What can I do possible wrong? Some settings in the export not right?

... tryed the ForgeTV, and the same there. What did I do other the last time? Something with the Large-OUYA-Icon ...?

OUYA-Export doesn't work, how intended.
Google-APK export works for ForgeTV and OUYA, but is registered as Software, not as Game. I think, there is something Odd with the compression going on. The older APKs, which are working on the ForgeTV and OUYA are much bigger.

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