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Geek Culture / How to manipulate servo?

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Joined: 17th Feb 2015
Posted: 22nd Jan 2018 12:50
Hello everybody.
I read a WIP thread about RC car using AppGameKit for Raspberry Pi.
May I know how we can command the servo using AppGameKit commands?
I'm just trying to manipulate a servo using AppGameKit for Raspberry Pi, but I can't see any command for doing that. Or what value should I put in. Or what gpio pin I should connect the servo wire to.
Thanks in advance. Really need the help because I don't have much experience with this...
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Posted: 22nd Jan 2018 16:40 Edited at: 22nd Jan 2018 17:16
Too bad that thread is locked, because that is interesting.

It looks like he used servos from a Lego Robotics Kit.

That project would have cost millions of dollars at NASA if you called it a Mars rover.

I did a yahoo search for "raspberry pi tutorial for servos" and got a bunch of results including video tutorials on youtube.

You might want to check those out.

I would rather use servos and pi for a glider that uses a weather balloon to launch, and GPS for homing guidance system.

Now that I look at the prices of new servos, I am steering towards salvaging them from discarded broken RC toys.

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Posted: 22nd Jan 2018 22:43
Looks like it can be controlled with OpenToWrite and WriteByte command.
They said WriteByte can be used to turn the servo onfor a period of time to move it. Not sure how exactly because I havent tried it yet.
Would be great if someone could explain how to use those functions irl, an example.code maybe?

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