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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / I need help about a speed jauger with joystick button hit

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Joined: 5th Dec 2010
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Posted: 2nd Feb 2018 17:51 Edited at: 2nd Feb 2018 17:59
Hi all,
the title of my post is not very clear lol
I'm going to try to explain my problem.
Just for fun, I wanted to program a short program to calculate at what speed I can hit and release a button, as it was used in video games like Decathlon on hyper sports. The faster you hit the button, the faster the screen caracter runs. I think it was very easy to do it but.... erg.... No way :/
I've tried this :

for i=1 to 50000
if joystick fire a() and a=0 then c=c+1:a=1
if joystick fire a()=0 and a=1 then c=c+1:a=0
print c
goto boucle

c is the variable that is counting how many times I hit and release the button. ... But I only got 1 or 2 for c when I try this.
I don't want the program to count on a long period, but on short period to use it as it's used in an Hypers Sports program :/

I don't know if my explanation is clear but I will be happy if someone can help me about this. Thanx !
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Posted: 2nd Feb 2018 21:50 Edited at: 2nd Feb 2018 21:59
A lot of the hardware input commands only update once per sync I think, sticking all this in a for loop doesn't give the system much ability to update.

Also putting multiple commands with : after then can be buggy, it won't always execute all of them

Try something like this:

+ Code Snippet

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Derek Darkly
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Posted: 2nd Feb 2018 23:40

Here u go my ninja.

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Posted: 5th Feb 2018 09:00
I like to do it with functions. And i recommend to use a the timer function for time based events. A for loop can be inaccurate on different computers.
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may be cleaner if you use different buttons for different things
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