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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / Overboard - new game

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Posted: 22nd Feb 2018 14:59
Hello friends!

I would like to introduce a "new" board game.

The game "Přes palubu" (ENG->"Overboard") was the Czechoslovak board game from 1984. It was one of the modification of Alex Randolph’s original model (Overboard, 1978). There are some differences in the last row, for example in captains or rules.

The board game was almost forgotten after velvet revolution in 1989 in Czechoslovakia and it’s very difficult to get it today.

Here is preview of physical game for imagination:

The goal of the game is to push all the opponent's stones from the 'overboard' area. In the case of the selected version B (B VAR END), the winner is player who has in the draw more stones in desktop area. Stones can only push the same or smaller number of enemy's stones out. The mobile version also allows you to start a game with randomly mixed stones in any number.

I made the game first in PureBasic for Windows (

Now I've reworked the game in AGK2 for Android. AGK2 is the most COOL IDE+language that exists! Thanks for that!!

The game is controlled by the finger and the virtual joystick. The rules of the game are in the description.

I hope, you will like it!

Google Play:


I am sorry for poor English
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Posted: 22nd Feb 2018 16:36
Well done! Nice screenshots.

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