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Geek Culture / Explanation of SMB2 and guest access?

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Posted: 4th Mar 2018 14:30
After hours of searching and trying different things to access my NAS after Win10 did an update on my last night without permission (bad MS), I finally got it working again by following this article:

Quote: "If you try to connect to devices that request credentials of a guest instead of appropriate authenticated principals, you may receive the following error message: "

Which was the error message I was getting. But this is where I become confused and maybe I'm misunderstanding what guest credentials really are. To access the NAS from any computer, you need to login to it. When I re-enabled insecure guess access (which an update had turned off) I was once again able to access the network share (the qnap nas). Even so, it still prompted me to login as expected which leaves with one question; how or why does it think I'm accessing the resource as a guest? What am I missing here?

p.s. yes im aware i've taken over off-topic board lately :p
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