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Windows / Error with 2017.12.12 tier 2 on Windows XP

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Joined: 16th Sep 2015
Location: US
Posted: 27th Mar 2018 19:29
I compiled the "template_windows_vs2015" project and moved the compiled EXE to a Windows XP VirtualBox VM. When I try to run the EXE, I get:
"This application has failed to start because MFPlat.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem."
The DirectX SDK June 2010 is installed.

Running a tier 1 application succeeds, but crashes on exit (The instruction at "0x07c90100b" referenced memory at "0x00001078". The memory could not be "read".) I remember that this crash on exit with XP issue has been around for awhile.

Has XP been officially dropped by AppGameKit? It would make sense to do so, but haven't seen anything indicating that AppGameKit games shouldn't be able to run on XP.
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Joined: 21st Jun 2018
Posted: 21st Jun 2018 18:26 Edited at: 22nd Jun 2018 02:43
I also face the same problem and failed, again and again, to move the compiled EXE to a Windows XP VirtualBox VM. It's happening because of some internal error happens or some virus is active. So I take a help of‎Avast Support to solve the issue If anyone wants to fix the problem simply take a help of this site.

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