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Windows / How can one specify a UNC (network) path with the "raw" prefix?

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Posted: 27th Mar 2018 21:46
The subject is my question:
How can one specify a UNC (network) path with the "raw" prefix?

A tier 1 application running from a UNC path can load files using a relative path, but I can't get a "raw" UNC path to work.
I've tried:
raw:\\HOST\path\file.ext (with 2 to 5 leading backslashes)
raw://HOST/path/file.ext (with 2 to 5 leading slashes)
raw:file://///HOST/path/file.ext (with 2 to 5 leading slashes)

This works for non-UNC paths, but fails on UNC paths:
"raw:" + GetReadPath() + GetFolder() + "buttons.png"

Adding the "raw:" prefix to the full path returned by ChooseRawFile does not work. (It's in the double backslash format listed above.)

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