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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Making shaders for model pack 6

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Joined: 16th Mar 2018
Posted: 2nd Apr 2018 19:53 Edited at: 3rd Apr 2018 10:55
Hi, i'm trying to make N and S textures fors model pack 6 weapons. I'm using ShaderMap2 and it's working fine.
I made N and S textures for the Ingram and they are working but now hands and ammo have that texture.
How can i use the right textures (also with shaders) for those parts?


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uzi idiot
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Joined: 27th Dec 2009
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Posted: 4th Apr 2018 13:12
Unfortunately FPSC can only load one set of shader textures per object. The same thing happens with model pack 9 and 10 weapons.
The only way to solve this is to put everything into the same UV sheet and texture/material like Errant AI did with his Task Force 341 model pack.
If something compiles on the first try. Something is terribly wrong.
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Joined: 16th Mar 2018
Posted: 5th Apr 2018 17:21
How can i "glue" together the different textures?
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 6th Apr 2018 01:37
@ Carloquiga Have you used any 3d modeling programs before like Fragmotion or Blander ?
Have you used any "paint" or photo programs like Gimp, Photoshop?
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Lots and lots of random features...
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Joined: 16th Mar 2018
Posted: 8th Apr 2018 18:45
I use Sketchup, Photoshop, Gimp and Photoshop

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