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FPSC Classic Scripts / Landmine that kills player script

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Joined: 6th Mar 2018
Location: Dimension 669
Posted: 26th Apr 2018 14:55
i read this Forum,

but i want it to be realistic to were it either Hurts the player just enough to almost kill them or just flat out kill them, if anyone would be willing to script such a thing (if its possible),

(using X9 V1.20)
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Mr Love
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Posted: 28th Apr 2018 11:32
Hi thedoctor989 and welcome to the forum!
Im not a good scripter Myself but I will try...

:state=0,plrdistwithin=50:plraddhealth=-95 (You have to add Explosion and sounds, with a soundfile .ogg and a working exploding decal!)

Download FPI Editpad, its awesome if You try to write some script Yourself...

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