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FPSC Classic Scripts / Make your own HUD tutorial

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Joined: 23rd Apr 2018
Posted: 26th Apr 2018 17:33
Watched this method on YouTube and now gonna share with ya guys.
First of all I would recommend this site
Here you can discover something interesting for projects of thy own.
Now first of al go to the directory languagebank\english\gamecore\huds\
Chek it out in couple of examples below as it shown...


where 1?-2?=cordinates
3?=hud name
4?=hud filetipe (example:tga,jpg,png,dds)

As you understood, there are lots of syntaxes to modify yo own code and let to learn how to do code in script you could see there written by user Leon Kennedy.

; Artificial Intelligence
; Written by Leon Kennedy
; Based on a script found in the Official Community Guide
desc = Multiple HUDs to display

; Triggers
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Posted: 28th Apr 2018 17:10
kir0s Hello and welcome to the forums Yes, huds are a great way the customize ones game play.
In your "doc's" folder there are several .pdf's with a ton of info. The Fpsc manual is a great place to
start, then there is the Community Guide ( ocfpscguide.pdf) with more examples to learn from.
Also at the top of this forum is a thread with lots of detailed info on how to setup scripts & huds
And don't forget the Syntax list with all the commands ( very much needed when scripting)

My games never have bugs. They just develop random features..
Lots and lots of random features...

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