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iOS and MacOS / Unable to export IPA (Failed to compile Asset Catalog)

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Joined: 3rd May 2018
Posted: 3rd May 2018 23:15 Edited at: 4th May 2018 05:12
I've been getting this weird error message whenever I try to export to an IPA (in the attached picture). This has been happening since at least v2017.12.12, and the error is gone when I try to compile my project using an older version. However, Apple recently stopped accepting IPA's using an older version of Xcode, which also means older versions of AGK. Has anyone else encountered this error or know how to get past it? Thanks!


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Paul Johnston
TGC Developer
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Joined: 16th Nov 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 10th May 2018 23:04 Edited at: 10th May 2018 23:04
What version of XCode do you have installed?
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Joined: 3rd May 2018
Posted: 14th May 2018 05:46
I was using an older version, but when I updated XCode the error went away. Thanks a bunch!
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Joined: 20th Jul 2018
Posted: 20th Jul 2018 20:35
You have to follow some steps. They are as follows:
You have to create the ID on the Apple developer account.
Create production distribution certificate
Now create the production profile
Select the correct ID
Hope these step will help you and after you know how to do that. I was getting the same problem but helped me with that.

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