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Android / question about apk

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Joined: 9th May 2018
Posted: 9th May 2018 21:51
hello there .. am new here .. i don't know if i can post this question here .. but i just wanna ask .. is there any way that i can export or do any thing to my game .. so i can upload it to play store for android ? i mean make it APK file !
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Joined: 3rd Feb 2017
Posted: 11th May 2018 11:47
Hello and welcome, Mikhail.

If you want to test your game, the easiest way is to use the AppGameKit player. Once you download on your device the AppGameKit Player (from Google Play), you just click on Broadcast and you'll be able to test.

Now, if you want to release an alpha, beta or production version of your game on PlayStore, follow the steps described here.

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