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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / [SOLVED] ASCII 128 to 255?

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Posted: 19th May 2018 03:23 Edited at: 19th May 2018 03:26
So I'm working on a roguelike, very loosely following The Complete Python Roguelike Tutorial, but in AGK*. So even though I'm planning to use graphical tiles, I thought it would be useful to read through the documentation on text commands and fonts. For example, I was thinking I could do the early Ultima thing with putting giant letters on the ground/walls to represent store signs. Anyway, I got to the examples on making custom fonts and I have a question.

According to the documentation, you can use extended ASCII from 128 to 255 with commands such as SetTextExtendedFontImage and SetTextDefaultExtendedFontImage. But which extended ASCII? Wikipedia is super-unhelpful here.

*"Why?" I hear you ask. Because video tutorials help me stay focused.

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Posted: 20th May 2018 22:33
What do you mean "which" extended? The characters displayed will kind of depend on the font used.
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Posted: 21st May 2018 15:10
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Like I said, I couldn't find the specifics in the documentation, and Wikipedia is like "There are many extended ASCII encodings (more than 220 DOS and Windows codepages). Could you be more specific?".

Argh. As I was typing this, I decided to try a search for "extended" in the first Tutorial Guide and there it is on page 762. So I did have the answer, but the tutorial guide is a separate product, not part of the official documentation, so it's not a RTFM situation.

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