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Windows / SetWindowSize and performance issue

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Joined: 26th Feb 2016
Posted: 1st Jun 2018 14:37

I have some performance issues with my laptop, let's says a recent atom laptop.

To understand where the issue is coming from I took the benchmark the example and noticed that it was running fine with the 500 sprites.

But, if I set the Window Size (SetWindowSize let's says 640/480 fullscreen), it runs at slowly at 30FPS.
I have removed the particles and only display 2 sprites and it runs at 45Fps.

The documentation says:

This sets the window size for platforms that support it, such as Windows and Mac. This will not affect mobile devices. In fullscreen mode the width and height will be ignored and the desktop resolution will be used.

So it means that I can't animate 2 sprites in 1920*1080 fullscreen at 60fps ?
When I remove the SetWindowSize instruction but let the virtual resolution all runs nicely with no performance issues.

What's wrong ?

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Joined: 15th Sep 2011
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Posted: 11th Jul 2018 19:56
I don't think these are effective commands either. From what I understand, which may be wrong, I can't set an app to run at 1080 HD full screen on my 4k monitor......full screen always runs at 4k as that's my desktop.

The way I think it should work is that the virtual resolution should be the RENDER size, and the screen/window size should be the display.
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Posted: 26th Jul 2018 21:27

can you provide a code example with media files?

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