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FPSC Classic Scripts / Delayed win

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Joined: 14th Aug 2014
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Posted: 8th Jun 2018 04:14
Hello, i'm trying to write a simple script but it doesn't seem to be working, what I want to happen is the player freezes in place and then a timer starts for 10 seconds, and after the 10 seconds, the game ends. Here is the script that I wrote.
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Posted: 9th Jun 2018 01:23
Hello frenchpapa!, im not sure to exactly how you have your scripts and map set up but I have noticed a few errors.

1. You called state=1 action twice when only 1 is needed.
2. plrfreeze is an action not a condition so it needs to come after the second ' : '
3. You have plrfreeze set to 100,000 when it should be 10,000 for the 10 seconds.
4. do not loop the second line back with state=0 instead leave it alone or to be safe turn it into an unused state.

Anyways here is what I made for you.

I am using a simple switch to activate the script. The Script is placed in a winzone anywhere in the map just for convenience. In order for the script to work there must be a value other than 0 in the "isObjective" field of the winzone ...I used 5.
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