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AppGameKit Showcase / AGK Adventure Engine

AGK Developer
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Joined: 18th Aug 2010
Location: Canada
Posted: 15th Jun 2018 11:02 Edited at: 15th Jun 2018 11:06
What started as a template for an adventure game I wanted to create, ended up becoming more of a game engine or collection of tools rather than a game itself, so I've decided to continue to build it out and then release it here when it's done. It uses my own tile system, which has 3 layers, 2 below the character sprites and one layer above character sprites, character movement is pixel based but collision is based on whether or not a tile is blocked. Everything that loads from into the engine so far is all customizable outside of modifying the source files, meaning you can use it to build your own adventure games without ever having to edit a piece of code. Maps are 50x30 in size by default (tiles are 48x48 by default), like I said it can be changed in a config file though. When you reach the border of a map, if you have the 'linked' setting enabled, you can have it automatically move the player to an adjacent map, and the engine will detect if the map exists, if not, it'll create a new map for you to edit (if you're in "Editor" mode).

It's coming along, this is about 3 days of work, a few hours each night after work. This video shows movement, the map editor, and the collision editing.

Anyway! Here's the progress so far, I hope to get it all finished this summer.

Robert Janes (Samu Games)


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Joined: 23rd Nov 2005
Location: Switzerland
Posted: 15th Jun 2018 12:29
Comes along nicely!
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Joined: 3rd Feb 2017
Posted: 16th Jun 2018 13:47
Looking promising. Reminds me a little bit of Rpg Maker. Good job.
AGK Developer
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Joined: 11th Jan 2005
Location: Adelaide
Posted: 27th Jun 2018 06:52
Looks good
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Joined: 30th Nov 2016
Location: USA
Posted: 22nd Sep 2018 14:44
I hadn't seen this til now.

You have a highly efficient development process this is very impressive for 9 to 10 hours of work. All of the GUI, multiple map layers with collisions, the ability to switch between editor and playtesting modes and the features of the editor itself in regards to movement and auto connect / auto creation of new area so can immediately start building.

Very nice work and the kind of thing AppGameKit needs. Great job!
Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Joined: 20th Feb 2006
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