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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / shadow bug in v1.071?

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Posted: 17th Aug 2018 06:30 Edited at: 17th Aug 2018 22:18
this code
works in darkbasic 1.069 perfectly but it does nothing in the open source version 1.071 i have been trying to get shadows working for a few days now with no success then i opened up my old dark basic on accident while testing some code and instant results. can anyone verify this? also is there a workaround for .071 to make it work also i was wondering if anyone knows of a shder that works properly with dbpro. i tried using stencil it works but the shadow seems to be quite high on the y value and unrealistic looking. I'd love to be able to use evolves advanced lighting but I keep getting a vector4 result error when I compile and the. Assosiated plugin rat file seems to be currupt
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Posted: 20th Aug 2018 21:42
You could try this snippet (originally posted by Spooky) :

This snippet works with U77 (I haven't tried it with U71 yet).

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