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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Help with Advanced terrain detail image/base image texture

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Joined: 31st Aug 2018
Posted: 31st Aug 2018 11:13
So in the help file for advanced terrain, for the SET TERRAIN TEXTURE command, it just says

But it doesnt really give any explanation as to what the difference is between the base image and the detail image. So far Ive only been using 1 image for both parameters, and it still seems to work, but i kinda wonder what Im missing, so to speak? Like, I upload an image of a simple grass texture, and then use that as the 'image' parameter, and yeah, it textures the terrain with grass. Basically this;

But what exactly is the second image for/how does it work? Would it just be a different texture? Like if I upload a texture of grass and a texture of dirt, does it intersperse the two textures? Im really just lost as to what the 2nd texture is meant for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted: 31st Aug 2018 23:34 Edited at: 31st Aug 2018 23:35
The base image gets stretched across the entire terrain and needs to be fairly large, it will still lose a lot of visual resolution due to the terrain size.

To improve visual resolution you can provide a detail image which gets tiled at a much higher resolution and allows the use of a much smaller image.

These get blended together where the base image provides a general sense of terrain type and color (grass, rock, dirt, sand etc) all in one image, and the detail image gives these some detail up close. The detail image is usually a generic rock or stone that can blend reasonably well with any terrain type the base image may have.

this causes that "green rocks" effect common in older games though.

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